Eigencluster: Presentation 1 notes

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  • Advisory Committee
    • Get the official titles of Jon Kaufman and Ira Haimowitz (CSO)
  • Bioinformatics industry
    • why is it important that the info generated by biotech industry doubles every 6 months?
    • emphasize that if pharma has better data analysis, they can speed up drug trials by 33%
    • Who are the lead players and how much do they have?
  • Clustering algorithms
    • What algorithms do our competitors use? This may be hard to find, but we should try.
  • Niche opportunities
    • What part of the biotech market is SNP analysis software?
    • Why did we choose biotech?
  • Customers
    • Who are our gold buyers?
    • Who are our first buyers? Academics?
    • Talk to potential buyers
      • How do they decide if it's worth doing a trial?
      • How do they go about buying a product? Do they have any regrets about their current products?
      • How often do they get servicing?
    • Problems with big pharma
      • It may take them a year longer to decide if they will use our product. What do we do in this case?
      • Accreditation time?
      • We might want to increase service fee so get more $$. Many companies make the bulk of their money through service.
    • To what extent is habit important?
    • Recent NCI/Illumina contract
      • How was this brokered?
      • How did the timing of sales work?
      • Was there a trial basis over which they look at several products and choose one?
  • IP info
    • What is the track record of the inventor?
    • Is the product patented yet?
    • How many patents have been filed in this field in the past few years?
  • Why not keep our algorithm to ourselves?
  • How much money do we want right now?
  • Financial projection
    • Bear in mind that revenue must be divided among 12 months. Sales in Q3 and Q4 only count 50% and 25% of sales.
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