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We're in the lab right now working on new publications. Latest Update: MAR 2015

Title Authors Published PDF Screenshot
Synthetic Biology BASIC: a new Biopart Assembly Standard for Idempotent Cloning provides accurate, single-tier DNA assembly for synthetic biology Storch M, Casini A, Mackrow B, Fleming T, Trewhitt H, Ellis T, Baldwin GS ACS Synthetic Biology, March 2015 DOI Link View PDF
Using Spinach Aptamer to Correlate mRNA and Protein Levels in Escherichia coli Pothoulakis G, Ellis T Methods in Enzymology v550, Jan 2015 DOI Link Book Chapter
How synthetic biology will reconsider natural bioluminescence and its applications Reeve B, Sanderson T, Ellis T, Freemont P Adv Biochem Eng Biotechnol. 2145:3-30, Sep 2014 DOI Link Book Chapter
Total synthesis of a eukaryotic chromosome: Redesigning and SCRaMbLE-ing yeast Jovicevic D, Blount BA, Ellis T Bioessays, Aug 2014 DOI Link View PDF
GeneGuard: A Modular Plasmid System Designed for Biosafety Wright O, Delmans M, Stan GB, Ellis T ACS Synthetic Biology, May 2014 DOI Link View PDF
The Sixth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology (SB6.0) Special Issue Editorial Cai Y & Ellis T ACS Synthetic Biology, Mar 2014 DOI Link View PDF
R2oDNA Designer: Computational Design of Biologically Neutral Synthetic DNA Sequences Casini A, Christodoulou G, Freemont P, Baldwin GS, Ellis T, Macdonald JT ACS Synthetic Biology, Jan 2014 DOI Link View PDF
Predicting translation initiation rates for designing synthetic biology Reeve B, Hargest T, Gilbert C, Ellis T Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol, Jan 2014 DOI Link View PDF
One-pot DNA construction for synthetic biology: the Modular Overlap-Directed Assembly with Linkers (MODAL) strategy Casini A, Macdonald JT, De Jonghe J, Christodoulou G, Freemont P, Baldwin GS, Ellis T Nucleic Acids Research, Oct 2013 DOI Link View PDF
Modelling the burden caused by gene expression: an in silico investigation into the interactions between synthetic gene circuits and their chassis cell Algar R, Ellis T, Stan GB arXiv Q-Bio, Sep 2013 DOI Link View PDF
arXiv Q-Bio
Creation and characterization of component libraries for synthetic biology Weenink T, Ellis T Methods in Molecular Biology, 2013, Vol 1073, Page 51 DOI Link Book Chapter
Methods in Mol Biol
Characterisation of genetic control elements for synthetic biology using the Spinach RNA aptamer Pothoulakis G, Ceroni F, Reeve B, Ellis T ACS Synthetic Biology, Sept 2013 DOI Link View PDF
ACS Syn Bio
Engineering of regulated stochastic cell fate determination Wu W, Su RQ, Ellis T, Lai YC, Wang X PNAS USA, 2013, Vol 110, Page 10610 DOI Link View PDF
Building-in Biosafety for Synthetic Biology Wright O, Stan GB, Ellis T Microbiology, 2013, Vol 159, Page 1221 DOI Link View PDF
Rational Diversification of a Promoter Providing Fine-Tuned Expression and Orthogonal Regulation for Synthetic Biology Blount BA, Weenink T, Vasylechko S, Ellis T PLoS One, 2012, Vol 7, Page e33279 DOI Link View PDF
PLoS One
Construction of synthetic regulatory networks in yeast Blount BA, Weenink T, Ellis T FEBS Letters, 2012, Vol 586, Page 2112 DOI Link View PDF
FEBS Letters
DNA assembly for synthetic biology: from parts to pathways and beyond Ellis T, Adie T, Baldwin GS Integrative Biology, 2011, Vol 3, Page 109 DOI Link View PDF
Integrative Biology
Diversity-based, model-guided construction of synthetic gene networks with predicted functions Ellis T, Wang X, Collins JJ Nature Biotechnology, 2009, Vol 27, Page 465 DOI Link View PDF
Nature Biotech
Synthesis and screening of regulatory component libraries for synthetic biology Ellis T Nature Protocols, 2009 DOI Link View PDF
Nature Protocols
Gene regulation: hacking the network on a sugar high Ellis T, Wang X, Collins JJ Molecular Cell, 2008, Vol 30, Page 1 DOI Link View PDF
Mol Cell
DNA-Binding An Extended PBD-Polyamide Conjugate with Selectivity for the ICB2 Transcription Factor Binding Site Brucoli F, Hawkins RM, James CH, Jackson PJM, Wells G, Jenkins TC, Ellis T, Kotecha M, Hochhauser D, Hartley JA, Howard PW, Thurston DE J Med Chem, 2013, Vol 56, Page 6339 DOI Link View PDF
J Med Chem
Novel C8-linked pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD)-heterocycle conjugates that recognize DNA sequences containing an inverted CCAAT box Brucoli F, Hawkins RM, James CH, Wells G, Jenkins TC, Ellis T, Hartley JA, Howard PW, Thurston DE Bioorg Med Chem Letters, 2011, Vol 21, Page 3780 DOI Link View PDF
Bioorg Med Chem Lett
Molecular recognition of DNA by rigid [N]-polynorbornane derived bifunctional intercalators: synthesis and evaluation of their binding properties Van Vliet LD, Ellis T, Foley PJ, Liu L, Pfeffer FM, Russell RA, Warrener RN, Hollfelder F, Waring MJ Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2007, Vol 50, Page 2326 DOI Link View PDF
J Med Chem
A 96-well DNase I footprinting screen for drug-DNA interactions Ellis T, Evans DA, Martin CR, Hartley JA Nucleic Acids Research, 2007, Vol 35 DOI Link View PDF
Sequence-selective interaction of the minor-groove interstrand cross-linking agent SJG-136 with naked and cellular DNA: footprinting and enzyme inhibition studies Martin C, Ellis T, McGurk CJ, Jenkins TC, Hartley JA, Waring MJ, Thurston DE Biochemistry, 2005, Vol 44, Page 4135 DOI Link View PDF
DNase I footprinting of small molecule binding sites on DNA Bailly C, Kluza J, Martin C, Ellis T, Waring MJ Methods in Molecular Biology, 2005, Vol 288, Page 319 DOI Link Book Chapter
Meth Mol Biol
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