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Hi every one,

Hi every one,

I’m so happy I’ve come across these instructions in EndNote XI manual that will help every one with their libraries and future manuscript writings. I hope you find it useful as I did. I hate going back and editing all the 17,000 or so articles in my library and obviously the program is more powerful than we think.

Refer to pages 268-272 of the EndNote XI manual that installs with your program in the corresponding directory. You’ll find it, I’m sure. Search EndNote.pdf.

Loading Supplied Journal Abbreviations:

You can load one of the supplied journal title lists to use for data entry. These lists also contain journal abbreviations for alternate output, and are used by certain output styles. The lists are supplied as plain text files in the EndNote XI:Terms folder. You can open and view one of these files with any word processor, but make sure to leave it a plain text file (.txt format) so that EndNote can import it. To replace the existing Journals list with one of the supplied journal abbreviation lists do the following:
1. From the Tools menu, select Open Term Lists and then Journals Term List.
2. Delete all existing terms from the list (you can click and drag to highlight all terms or press Apple A, and then click Delete Term).
3. Click on the Lists tab and highlight the Journals list.
4. Click Import List.  
5. In the File dialog, navigate to the EndNote X1:Terms folder, select the list you want to use, and click Open to import the journal names and abbreviations from the file into the Journals term list.

Here I imported the Chemical.txt. If you open this list with your word processor, you’ll see the correct abbreviated formats for journal names with periods between truncated elements of the title.

Now, you can preview a selected reference that did not have the correct format for abbreviated journal name (lacked periods) and you see how it has transformed with periods between truncated title words. Use JBC style or another chemical-discipline journal style as “output style” to preview the reference. Remember to activate the preview function under the main library panel of your open library.

There are so many term lists associated with EndNote installation and these can be interchanged and updated.

Editing Wrong Term Lists:


If there are multiple entries for a journal name, you can delete them and if there are wrong entries you can correct them. E.g., if you go to Tools menu, select Open Term Lists and then Journals Term List. Select “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America” for example, and click Edit Term. Another window opens. Make sure in the field Abbreviation 1: you have Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA and in Abbreviation 2: you have Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. If you find that some journals does not follow the output-style format that you’re using, do the above and correct the abbreviations 1 and 2 and make sure you have the correct Journal file name in the Full Journal field. This will solve all your problems with formatting libraries and you won’t have to edit each reference manually.

So no manual editing while downloading references in your library, please!!
:-) Keep it as raw as it can be.

Editing Words in Titles of the Articles Downloaded:


  1. Click Edit, Change Text or press Apple+R.
  2. Search or type the character or word you want to change for example beta or alpha.
  3. In Any Field drop down list, you can choose title or abstract or any field you want the search to be done for alpha or beta, etc.
  4. You can select Match Word and Match Case if you want.
  5. In the field “Change the text to:” insert the correct character, β or α.
  6. Click Change and all the occurrences of alpha and beta have now been changed throughout your library and you do not need to change everything one by one in every article.
  7. For example you can change the wrong journal name, “Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A” to “Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA” getting rid of the spaces in between U, S, and A.

Make the software work for you and not you work for the software, save your time!


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