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New to the lab?

  • Start here (includes safety training, you really must start here)

Admin Stuff: How Tos and FAQs

How Do I...
...get after-hours building access?
...get Reimbursed for travel?
...get reimbursed when I used my own credit card for lab stuff?
...send my research materials to someone at another research institution?

Moving on?

Lab Evacuation & Rally Points

Group Meeting

Lab Meetings - Time, location, and schedule listed here!

Making group meetings more effective

Lab Life Responsibilities

  • TASKS:
    • Lab Meetings: room reservation, scheduling of speakers, managing the clock (Drew and Christine)
    • 1% agarose (Personal stocks)
    • Sharps (TBD)
    • Preparing Antibiotic Stocks (Personal/shared stocks)
    • BB enzymes & ligase (TBD)
    • Polymerases (Hi-Fi supermix, Kappa, Pfu Ultra II) (TBD)
    • Strains (TBD Bionet plz)
    • TAE / TBE / MilliQ (As needed)
    • Pouring Agar plates (Personal/shared stocks)
    • Preparing competent cells (Personal/shared stocks)
    • Hazardous waste removal (no real need yet)
    • Glassware (Julie)
    • Ordering / Inventory of Supplies (Christine/Julie)
    • Pipette Tip Box Recycling [1x per month, put empty boxes in container] (Julie)
    • Autoclaving culture plates (Julie)
    • Washroom User Protocols (Julie)
  • EQUIPMENT (Message Eric to be added to shared calendar for equipment reservations. Those marked with * require a reservation to use.)
    • Microscopes* (Atri)
    • NIST Plate reader* (Ariel)
    • NIST Flow cytometer* (Ariel)
    • Centrifuges (TBD)
    • Hot plates / dri-baths / waterbaths (Eric)
    • -20C Freezers, -80C freezers, fridges, cold room
      • Defrosting enzyme blocks (TBD)
      • Defrosting -20C freezers (TBD)
    • Shared Space with Smolke Lab
      • Top Plate Shaker (message Eric to be added to shared calendar)
    • Gel Area (Julie)

Vacation Coverage



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