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SC medium

SC medium contains yeast nitrogen base, ammonium sulfate, a carbon source (usually glucose) and amino acids. Depending on the specific strains and experiments different variations are necessary.

Recipe for 1 liter

  1. 6.8 g Yeast nitrogen base (YNB, including ammonium sulfate, from Formedium)
  2. 0.79 g Complete supplement mixture (CSM, from Formedium)
  3. Fill up to 950 ml and autoclave
  4. Add 50 ml of a 40% glucose solution that was autoclaved separately
  • If solid medium is required, add 20 g/L agar prior to autoclaving


  • For SC-URA use 0.77 g/L CSM–URA drop-out mix Qbiogene
  • For SC-P use 0.7 g/L phosphate free YNB (Qbiogene). The desired amount of phosphate can then be added separately. We use YNB without ammonium sulfate and potassium phosphate. Therefore, ammonium sulfate must be added separately!
  • To test nitrogen sources Yeast Carbon Base (YCB) can be used (from Formedium). YCB already contains 10.15 g glucose! Therefore, add only 10 g glucose for 1 L of medium.


  • many different drop-out amino acid mixtures are available either from Qbiogene or Formedium
  • different versions of YNB are available from the same suppliers
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