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Miniprepped the 6 colonies I picked yesterday from ligation pX330 - g14.

Sample Read# 260 280 260/280 ng/┬ÁL
Colony 12.10E-020.012.11521.036
Colony 21.70E-020.011.71716.52
Colony 31.90E-029.00E-032.10518.534
Colony 42.60E-021.50E-021.76425.633
Colony 52.20E-021.40E-021.62421.991
Colony 66.90E-023.70E-021.86669.266

Cut mini preps with EcoRI and BsbI. Proper insertion of the gRNA will destroy the BsbI sites. If the colony is no cut or single cut backbone religating, I'll get bands of 5.2kb and 3.2kb. If the insert is there, I'll get one band of 8.4kb.

' Volume
10X ligation buffer2

Ran on gel, didn't see anything. Just a faint smear for colony 6.

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