Haynes Lab:Notebook/Characterizing AHL quorum sensing homologs/2013/10/23

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miniprepped J06702 and the ligation colony I picked (backbone control plate had as many colonies as the ligation). Good yield for J06702, ok for other.

J067020.247 0.128 1.93 247.2
ligation0.071 0.035 2.00670.9

Digested J06702 with

E only for 10 minutes
X only for 10 minutes
E and X for 10 minutes
E only for 5, then add X for 5 more minutes

Digested ligation with

P only

Ran on gel

Cut J06702 should be around 3kb. Possibly uncut, hence the crescent shapes and multiple bands.

Extracted the bottom bands from the two J06702 cut with E/X
Arrows show where the bands were extracted.


Zymo gel recover kit

J06702 30.017 0.011 1.468 16.729
J06702 40.008 0.005 1.5837.782

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