Haynes Lab:Notebook/Characterizing AHL quorum sensing homologs/2014/02/14

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Miniprep cultures picked yesterday. Golden gate seems to have been successful because the liquid cultures were clearly red. This new part is pTet-B0034-mCh-T-T in pSB1A3. This will be used to build new senders.

Sample Read# 260 280 260/280 ng/µL
pTet-B0034-mCh-T-T in pSB1A3 5-10.1080.0561.927108.225
pTet-B0034-mCh-T-T in pSB1A3 6-20.0770.0391.98676.508
pTet-B0034-mCh-T-T in pSB1A3 6-10.0740.0362.05874.252
pTet-B0034-mCh-T-T in pSB1A3 5-20.1020.052.021101.873

Prepare K12 and DH5αT competent cells.

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