Haynes Lab:Notebook/RNA-seq of PcTF Transfected U2OS & SK-N-SH cell lines/2015/06/16

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Checked concentration of RNA from RNeasy preps performed last week. Expected 260/280 ratio for pure RNA is ~2.0.

Sample ID Conc. (ng/µL) St Dev (ng/µL) 260/280
K562 pMaxGFP 24hr638.01.722.09
K562 KAH126-MV2 24hr 1609.414.422.07
K562 KAH126-MV2 24hr 2670.6910.52.09
K562 pMaxGFP 48hr823.513.522.08
K562 KAH126-MV2 48hr 1970.77.272.09
K562 KAH126-MV2 48hr 2835.414.522.09
K562 no plasmid 24hr969.210.002.12
K562 no plasmid 48hr802.212.682.10

DNASU needs 50-100 ng of RNA in 5 µL total volume (10-20 ng/µL conc.). So I'll need to make some dilutions first before submitting anything to them.

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