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Alex Holcombe
Sarah McIntyre
Fahed Jbarah
• Shih-Yu Lo
• Patrick Goodbourn
Lizzy Nguyen


Skills Checklist
Python Programming
Psychopy/VisionEgg Installation Notes
R analysis,plot,stats
Buttonbox with photocell
Programming Cheat Sheets

Words for theories and hypotheses

  • notion
  • idea
  • generalization
  • claim
  • framework

Going from evidence to conclusion, mostly with a verb. Different ways, in rough descending order of strength

  • Proves that (largely banned from the empirical sciences)
  • Shows that
  • Demonstrates that
  • Implies that
  • It follows that
  • Reveals
  • convey
  • Uncovers (rarely useful)
  • Indicates that (I like this one because it's strong but unobtrusive)
  • Suggests that
  • Supports the
  • Bolsters, buttressses
  • Illustrates
  • key evidence for
  • decisive evidence for
  • Fits
  • in accord with, concord with
  • Is evidence for
  • Weighs on the side of
  • Hint that
  • Is consistent with
  • Is not inconsistent with
  • Sheds light on
  • assesses

Negative impact of evidence on a theory, claim, conclusion, or criticism

  • Disconfirms the
  • Dismisses
  • Challenges
  • contradicts
  • "the outmoded theory of Jones [1], unable to accommodate stubborn experimental facts [2--25], has generally fallen out of favor—Cosma Shalizi
  • calls into question
  • Undermines
  • Counters
  • Detracts from
  • engenders skepticism of
  • should not be taken as support for
  • presents difficulties for
  • highlights shortcomings of
  • violates
  • reveals inadequacy of
  • does not sit easily with
  • Contrasts with
  • fails to confirm

Fluff and emphasis

  • Remarkably,
  • This striking result
  • Provides the opportunity to
  • For the first time,
  • Intriguing possibility,
  • Important
  • Novel role for
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