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Welcome to Advanced Experimental Chemistry

Today's Procedure

7 films were made using 0.5g PVOH (MW: 146K-186K) dissolve in 6+ mL water (more water was added as it became apparent more water was needed). The amounts of isopropanol added were determined based on a calculation relating number of OH groups in PVOH to OH groups in Isopropanol. The OH groups in PVOH will react with the OH groups in isopropanol in a dehydration reaction. Calculations below.

1) PVOH and water

2) PVOH, 1mL glutaraldehyde

3) PVOH, 1mL glutaraldehyde, 0.069g Isopropanol (1 isopropanol OH group: 10 PVOH OH group)

4) PVOH, 1mL glutaraldehyde, 0.0069g isopropanol (1 isopropanol OH group: 100 PVOH OH group)

5) PVOH, 1mL glutaraldehyde, 0.00069g isopropanol (1 isopropanol OH group: 1,000 PVOH OH group)

6) PVOH, 1mL glutaraldehyde, 0.000069g isopropanol (1 isopropanol OH group: 10,000 PVOH OH group)

7) PVOH and water in a small dish

Isopropanol was measured using a serial dilution of pure isopropanol, 10% isopropanol, 1%isopropanol, and 0.1% isopropanol. First the PVOH was dissolved in water, then the isopropanol was added/mixed in thoroughly, finally the glutaraldehyde was added under the hood and stirred in thoroughly.

This was calculated by taking 10 mL pure isopropanol in a falcon tube. Diluting 1mL of the isopropanol with 9mL water in another tube (10%). Diluting 1mL of that with 9mL of water (1%). And finally diluting 1mL of the 1% isopropanol with 9mL water (0.1%). Thus 0.087mL of each successive dilution was added to PVOH films 3-7.


(166000g/mole PVOH)/(44g/mole per repeating OH unit in PVOH)=3772.74 OH groups in 1 mole of PVOH. (0.5g PVOH)/(166000g/mole)*(3773 OH groups)*(6.022E23 molecules/mole)=6.865E21 OH groups in 0.5g of PVOH. To solve for amount of isopropanol added to solutions, 6.865E21 OH groups in 0.5g PVOH was multiplied by the ratio of OH isopropanol groups per OH PVOH groups desired. This number was then divided by 6.022E23 molecules/mole to yield moles of isopropanol desired. This is then multiplied by the molecular weight of isopropanol (60.1g/mole) to yield the desired mass of isopropanol added.

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