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Welcome to Advanced Experimental Chemistry

Today's Procedure

Basic DSC prep procedure: TZero Pan and Lid (non hermetic) were weighed. Then 0.003g +/- 10% of the film/material being tested was measured out and added to the pan on the scale. The lid was then placed in the pan and "sealed" shut using the machine (I don't know it's proper name). The sealed pan was then placed in the DSC machine and, once all samples were entered into the DSC, the operation was run.

Including Monday's DSC measurements:

1) 148-186k MW PVOH weight of pan + lid: 0.05833g weight of material: 0.00275g

2) 100% Isopropanol weight of pan/lid: 0.04928g weight of material: 0.00327g

3) 10% Isopropanol weight of pan/lid: 0.04893g weight of material: 0.00278g

4) 0.1% Isopropanol weight of pan/lid: 0.04933g weight of material: 0.00309g

5) 1% Isopropanol weight of pan/lid: 0.04949g weight of material: 0.00287g

6) 1% Phenol weight pan/lid: 0.04952g weight material: 0.00287g

7) 22k MW PVOH weight pan/lid: 0.04906g weight material: 0.00338g

8) 9% Phenol (22k MW PVOH for the rest of the films) weight pan/lid: 0.04874g weight material: 0.00282g

9) 1% Phenol weight pan/lid: 0.04821g weight material: 0.00313g

10) 0.1% Phenol weight pan/lid: 0.04821g weight material: 0.00278g

11) 0.01% Phenol weight pan/lid: 0.04986g weight material: 0.00352g

12) PVOH + Glutaraldehyde weight pan/lid: 0.04912g weight material: 0.00314g

For Film Making Procedure, see Klare's Notebook: [[1]]

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