IGEM:American University/2009/Notebook/Advanced Experimental Chemistry: Fun Times in Beeghly/2013/02/27

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Welcome to Advanced Experimental Chemistry

Today's Procedure

1) Taking out the isopropanol PVOH hydrogels from Monday for 4 hrs to thaw, putting them back in the freezer.

2) Making more hydrogels w Butyn-1-ol instead of isopropanol. 4 films were made: 2 with 22K mw PVOH and 2 with 146-186K mw PVOH, 2 with glutaraldehyde and 2 without (1 of each mw), and all with 17.25┬ÁL butyn-1-ol [same calculations as monday but w/ butyn-1-ol mw 70.09 g/mole and density 0.926 g/mL]. PVOH was dissolved in water on hot/stir plate, then butyn-1-ol was added and stirred in off heat, followed by the glutaraldehyde for the 2 films that needed it. The solutions were then poured into the dishes, sealed with parafilm and placed in the freezer.

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