IGEM:Harvard/2006/Folding buffers

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  • for a desired final MgCl2 concentration, mix the reagents in a given row
  • yields 400 μL of 10x buffer
Final [MgCl2] in 10x Final [MgCl2] in 1x HEPES (1 M, pH 7.5) NaCl (5 M) MgCl2 (1 M) H2O
10010200 μL40 μL40 μL120 μL
20020200 μL40 μL80 μL80 μL
30030200 μL40 μL120 μL40 μL

For 0.1% SDS (in 1x solution), add 20 μL 20% SDS. For 0.01% SDS (in 1x solution), add 2 μL 20% SDS.

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