IGEM:Harvard/2008/Lab Notebooks/DailyBook/Week1

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Chemical and Light


Monday Meeting Notes

Goals for Week 1

Light team

  • knockout protocol
  • cloning part

Chemical team

  • transform registry DNA into Shewie
  • confirm Shewie growth via PCR

Widget team

  • create basic MFC protocol
  • speak with Pete and confirm design
  • think about computer interfacing
    • LabView/MatLab?
    • Buy computer?

Team Goals

  • anaerobic Shewie?
  • manganese oxide?
  • meet with Diane Newman

Things to ask for

Mutants from Orianna

  • mtrA
  • mtrB
  • both

UT Austin

  • OmpR knockout


  • Homologous recombination (Pacific Northwest?)
  • Cre-Lox (Orianna)
  • Colorimetric assay (Orianna)
  • Shewie transformation (Diane Newman)

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