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Transformations of P11, P15-20

Colony counts


Name Description Origin Size Marker Number of Colonies
P11Light responsive system, dual regulationpUC19-derived pMB14333Amp/Cm224
P15GFP with Tet promoterColE1937Amp360
P16Tet repressible promoterpMB154Amp264
P17Inverter (TetR w/o promoter and Tet promoter)OriS, P1 lytic, F1902Kan2
P18lambda promoter (cI regulated)pMB149Amp112
P19RFP with lambda promoterpMB1918Amp104
P20GFP (LVA tagged) with Lac promoterpMB11122Amp, Kan136


6/23: P16, which has GFP under a constitutive Tet promoter did not appear to fluoresce (none of the fluorescent constructs did), so we restreaked all the of the plates (with the same antibiotic on which they were originally grown). They were left in the 37 degree incubator along with a blank Kan and a blank Amp plate (- controls).

Overnight cultures

6/23: The above was repeated in 5mL LB liquid cultures instead of plates.

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