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Fluorescence Dependence on Media Volume


To investigate the fluorescence dependence of varying media volumes to no. of moles of GFP. This is to determine the need for the maintenance of a constant volume throughout subsequent experiments, as with making GFP dilutions for the calibration curve.

Materials and Methods

Refer to protocols page.


Fig.1: Fluorescence of varying media volume
Fig.1: Fluorescence of varying media volume

Interestingly, the addition of more media (water) increased the fluorescence readings of the samples to a significant extent (Fig.1).


Fig.1 suggests that fluorescence does depend on the wolume of media to which the substrate is diluted in, albeit in a proportionate way. While one would expect the opposite to occur, the results suggest that volume of media, and hence the maintenance of the same volume through subsequent experiments, is vital for an accurate reading. Indeed this also implicitly implies the importance of minimizing evaporation in our media.


  • Constant volume must be maintained for all experiments.
  • Evaporation (reducing media volume) may play a huge role in experimental readings.
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