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1. Smell J45600 hopefuls from last night- DONE (NONE SMELL!!! NO!!!)

2. Miniprep J45180 for further digestion/ligation/transformation- DON"T DO ON ACCOUNT OF PLATE READER RESULTS

3. Heat shock the J45180 overnight digests- DONE

4. Run the overnight digests on a gel to determine which enzyme is/isn't cutting- DONE (XbaI isn't cutting)

5. Graph/analyze plate reader results- DONE (J45998 is not working)

6. Obtain isoamyl acetate results- VEENA WILL DO THIS LATER

7. Contact Li Li about a good time to run our samples with the internal standard- DONE

8. Extract with n-heptane a negative control for the GC- DONE

9. Ran several samples working towards a calibration curve for methyl salicylate with the GC- DONE

10. Check sequencing to see if J45180 had a bad XbaI site- DONE (YES, IT DID; there is nothing wrong with our enzymes, there was just a mutation which did not allow the enzyme to cut)

11. Digest Q119B prep to connect to osmYF (precut with ES)- DONE

12. Submit plates to the Registry- DONE

13. Gel extract cut J45250 and J45400- SAVE FOR TOMORROW

14. Make reservations for Li Li's GC tomorrow- DONE

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