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Agenda for Friday, June 29

  • Morning
    • pBAD pickup
    • Is OmpA crucial to bacterial cell survival?
    • Finalize oligos (restriction sites)
    • Research "red team" stuff -- ion exchange
    • Brian -- stainless steel, nylon binding?
    • Check on FhuA and pSB3K3 colonies
  • Afternoon
    • Look for metal inducible promoters (Mer) to fuse to GFP/something FP/whatever
    • Order above oligo
    • Find/finalize vector (pBAD33?)
    • Have everything ordered by the end of today!!
  • Question to think about: metal ion diffusion into the cell or binding at the surface?


  • 9AM - Good news, all of the colonies we picked last night are cloudy today! :D
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