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  • mini-prep pSB3k3 from DB3.1 from incubation yesterday
  • streak some DB3.1 for future use
  • Pick colonies, incubate liquid cultures of DH(alpha)5 - to be taken out of hot room at 4am tonight

Took out DB3.1 liquid cultures

  • Yay, all five tubes have growth
  • Took from all five cultures for miniprep
  • Will streak from cultures 1, 2, 3

Mini-Prep - Nanodrop of purified pSB3k3

1. 8.4 ng/µL
2. 13.1 ng/µL
3. 6.5 ng/µL
4. 11.2 ng/µL
5. 8.1 ng/µL

Streaked DB3.1

  • DB3.1 is the strain that is resistant to the ccdB toxin (
  • Streaked three plates
  • Left in 37C room to incubate overnight

Incubated liquid cultures of DH5a

  • Two 10 mL liquid cultures of singly colony DH5a (picked from last night's incubated plates) were put into the 37C room to grow overnight
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