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The Meeting on April 15th, 2010


Homework For the Meeting

  • Continue looking at iGEM projects
  • Look at the Oil Sands Initiative page on the iGEM website
  • Come up with brilliant and interesting iGEM projects

On the Agenda

  • Get John and Edelson registered on OWW -- FAIL (Must be done on April 20th)
  • Teach wiki operation to everyone -- DONE (partially)
  • Start mindmapping -- DONE
  • Decide on favorite iGEM research fields -- DONE (but really delayed until April 20th)
  • Break into research field groups for the weekend -- DONE
  • Talk about recruitment. Do we want any more? Less? -- FAIL (but John mentioned a new iGEMer)
    • Goal: 10 undergrad, 2 grad; talk to CofC, MUSC, Trident, highs (Porter Gaud, Bishop England, Academic Magnate, Wando, St. Joe's), Chem. and EE Depts.
  • Explain team commitments and expectations to everyone

Meeting Notes

Check out these two sites for a list of interesting ideas.

Most-wanted Parts in Synthetic Biology

iGEM Idea Exchange (Has links for the engineerable P. patens moss)

Things to Do

  • Arrange meeting with Dr. Rosenblum and Dean Groetsch to go talk with Foundation -- DONE (partially - I'm still waiting for the details)
  • Talk to Dr. Zanin about the hurdles of kids in labs -- DONE
  • Look for sponsorship
    • Jonh's Biotech in FL
    • Connections to Fischer Scientific (Dr. R mentioned this)
    • The Provost talked about an alum in Seattle who had set up an bioinformatics startup.
    • Oil Sands Initiative
    • Local biotech (e.g. Genphar)
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