IGEM:The Citadel/Notebook/27 May 2010

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Meeting with Faculty Advisers Dr. Rocha and Dr. Donnell

  • Delegation of authority
  • Talk to the Citadel Foundation
  • Note taking - PDF in library, Protein Library, be sure to update and annotate daily and regularly
  • Discussing Inventory (available online) - need to assemble a detailed protocol asap
  • Create a calendar to have everyone write up when they will be gone so that everyone is in the loop
  • Dr. Rocha will be gone the last week in June and the first week in July
  • Dr. Zardus and Dr. Gustafson use PCR regularly
  • Rachel Riegerix is working with Dr. Donnell in the lab and is doing PCR regularly
  • Dr. Donnell suggested that we should figure out what type of meeting is best fitted for our group
  • Meeting with the faculty next Tuesday and we will have our group photo so everyone wear bowties
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