IGEM:University of Chicago/2009/Notebook/Organophosphate Hydrolase/2009/07/07

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Picked up Yin's Ago2 - GFP plasmid, in -20 degrees C blue rect. cooler Need to transform into E. Coli. Need to prepare DHalpha competent E.Coli (electro or chemo?)

1L SOB -> 5 grams yeast extract 20 g tryptone 584 mg NaCl 0.86 mg KCL 2.4 g MgSO4 pH to 7.5. fill to 1 L, then autoclave.

30 min Liquid autoclave begun 12:50 (cycle 4)

pCTCON2-GFP transformed into DH5alpha. 1 hr incubation @ 37 degrees C started 14:00, plated at 15:00 - 15:30 (waited for "rest" plate to dry)

Picked two single colonies and one blobl from Yin's EBY100 plate into YPD (5 ml). If the single colony tubes don't show growth, plate the blobtube tomorrow and try to pick a single colony for transformation on Friday.

End of Day

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