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Things to accomplish

  1. Research GC columns (Kevin)
  2. Purchase GC columns (Kevin)
  3. Practice July 26th presentation (Amy)
  4. Work with Procurement Services for orders (Kevin)

Things accomplished

  1. Research fermentation literature (Amy)
  2. Identify butanol tolerance genetic material (George)
  3. Obtain nucleotide sequence for gene of interest (Amy)
  4. Finalize butanol tolerance biobrick (Ranjan)
  5. Get quote for butanol tolerance biobrick (Ranjan)
  6. Finish website (Ranjan)
  7. Research GCMS protocols (Emre)
  8. Incorporate protocols into experimental design (Emre)
  9. Finalize cellulase biobrick (George and Ranjan)
  10. Get quote for cellulase system (Ranjan)
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