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Synthetic Biology (Spring2008): Computer Modelling Practicals

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Practical 1: Report Structure

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  • Department:

Part I: Introduction to Computer Modelling

  • no report

Part II: Getting to know CellDesigner

  • no report

Part III: Building Your First Model: A --> B --> C

  1. Comments on the evolution of 'A', 'B', 'C' + screenshot.
  2. Parameter scan done on k1 and k2 + screenshots.
  3. Give k1 and k2 + screenshot.

Part IV: Synthesis-Degradation Model

  1. Comments on the evolution of 'A' + screenshot
  2. Parameter scan on k1 and k2 + screenshots.
  3. Bonus: Analytical solution expression
  4. Half-life illustration Screenshot
  5. Bonus: Analytical expression of the half-life of compound 'A'.

Part V: Michaelis-Menten Model

  1. Write down all the kinetics laws you had to define.
  2. Screenshot from the reaction simulation + comments on the different phases.
  3. Michaelis-Menten formula derivation.
  4. Expressions of Km and Vmax.
  5. Screenshot of the reaction networks.
  6. Screenshot of the simulation outputs + comments.
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