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Question: Are their differences in HIV-1 diversity or divergence between participants with high CD4 T cell variability within the study (between visits) as compared to participants with linear ‘progression’ (defined as CD4 T cell counts which fall rapidly, or linearly, over time (slope ~ -1)?

Prediction: We predict that participants with high variability in T cell count between visits will show a lower HIV-1 diversity and divergence than participants with linear progression. This is predicted under two assumptions

  • (1) High diversity and divergence of HIV-1 variants indicates a more rapidly progressing virus (and thus a steadily falling CD4 T cell count)
  • (2) high variability in T-Cell count will indicate a participant’s immune system was able to manage this virus better than a participant with a steadily falling CD4 counts. If we do see high diversity in participants with high variability in T cell count between visits, we predict that these will be predominantly synonymous mutations as opposed to non-synonymous mutations (which we would expect to see with linear progressors).

Subjects Chosen:

  • Linear Progressors: (slope: -1) Subject: 4, 10
  • High Variability between visits: Subject 12, 8
  • Low Variability between visits: 5
Article: Early viral load and CD4+ T cell count, but not percentage of CCR5+ or CXCR4+ CD4+ T cells, are associated with R5-to-X4 HIV type 1 virus evolution.*
  1. van Rij RP, Hazenberg MD, van Benthem BH, Otto SA, Prins M, Miedema F, and Schuitemaker H. . pmid:12803997. PubMed HubMed [Paper1]

Subject 12

Subject 10

Subject 5

Janelle N. Ruiz

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