Jasieniuk:Notebook/Apomixis in hybrid Rubus/2010/10/11

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  • Plate RUB101011 G54: CBA15 on S02, parents that weren't run before, and S01 do-overs
  • Plate RUB101011 G59: CBA23 and CBA28 on the same samples as above
  • Also pipetted DNA in to PCR plates to run tomorrow (RUB101012 CBA14/RUB262 and RUB101012 RUB126). Similar set of individuals.
  • Now I remember why Stella hadn't done ABI runs for plate S02. When things weren't working as expected she ran unlabeled CBA23/28 on S01 and S02 and looked at it on agarose. I don't think I have the data on what worked and what didn't. I will go forward with these ABI runs anyway, since the capillary sequencer is more sensitive.

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