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Tianjin iGEM 2007



Brief Self-introduction

I am proactive and energetic.

I am full of passion for winning.

I show great responsibility for my assignment.

I always wear a smile, because I can hardly find anything makes me unhappy.

I have many good friends.

I hope to be a research group leader after obtaining my PhD degree.

I hope to do something for improvement on education in China.

I hope to tour around the world.

I hope...... Oh, so many hopes! Haha! All in all, I hope to live happily!

Contact Info

Jingjing Sun P.O.BOX 9005, Balitai Post Office, Tianjin 300070, P.R. China

E-mail : jjsun1985@yahoo.com.cn


Bachelor in Biological Engineering (expected in July 2007)

School of Chemical Engineering & Technology, Tianjin University

Research Experience

Feb, 2006--, Prof. Wei Li’s lab, Tianjin University:

DNA-templated Ag nanocluster formation;

DNA-templated silicon oxide nanostructure formation


July, 2006 ~ Sep, 2006: Summer Intern, Research & Development, Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd:

Focus on optimization of the mixing step in pilot plant for a new laundry process


Sep, 2006 ~ Present: Leader and Member of Tianjin University iGEM Team I

June, 2005 ~ June, 2006: Chief Editor, Flag magazine

June, 2005 ~ June, 2006: President, Student Union, School of Chemical Engineering & Technology


Sports: Gold Medal, the Shot Put, School of Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2004

Gold Medal, Women 4*1 Relay Race, School of Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2003

Calligraphy: Copper Medal, National Harvest Cup Calligraphy & Painting Contest

Science: Three Silver Medals in National Chemistry/Biology/Mathematics Olympiad for High School Students, 2002


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