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Registration and Keys

Access to Internet

Your Computer

  • Via Ethernet:
    • Your computer will be connected to the internet without any ID/password.
  • Via Wireless:
    • Your computer should detect the wireless network "KelleyGroup". Ask the Webmaster or a fellow lab member for the Network Key.

Lab Computers

  • Most of the lab computers are connected to the internet. Please make sure that the systems are always secured by an effective and updated antivirus.

Data Server

  • In your computer add the network place \\\sokgroup via "My Network Places\Add a Network Place". Ask the Webmaster or a fellow lab member for the ID/password.


  • To install the Lexmark printer located in the PB Rm 1252: Click “Add a Printer” (in Control Panel\Printers and Faxes\). Then, choose A Network Printer in the next page. In the list of available printers, select\Lexmark X543 PS3 and follow the instructions.

Note that the above instructions are for Windows. If you are using a different operating system and/or need help ask the Webmaster.


General lab etiquette

Safety training

  • Go to EHS Training Home and register for the next available "Laboratory Chemical Safety Training" course. You must attend also two other courses " Laboratory Biosafety Training" and "Blood-borne Pathogens Training". To regsiter for these courses go to EHS Training Home
  • See Lab Manager for lab-specific safety training

Equipment usage

  • Read SOPs and ask a senior lab member for help. For the location of the equipment and persons in charge see here.
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