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The question we are asking for week 5 is if there are specific differences nucleotide sequences that cause an increase in the rate of CD4 T cells decline in rapid progressors compared to non-progressors.


We believe that there will be a difference in the nucleotide sequences found in the nucleotide sequences in rapid progressors and non-progressors


  • For the group of rapid progressors, we have chosen 4-V2, 4-V3, 4-V4, 10-V4, 10-V5, 10-V6, 11-V2, 11-V3, 11-V4. These subjects were chosen because they had the highest frequencies of visit which allowed a better variable of CD4 T cells to choose from. These specific visits were chosen because they had the highest rate of CD4 T Cell decline
  • For the group of non-progressors, we have chosen 2-V1, 2-V3, 2-V4, 12-V3, 12-V4, 12-V5, 13-V2, 13-V3, 13-V5. These subjects were chosen because they were the only recorded nonprogressors in the experiment. These visits were chosen because they had the highest CD4 T cell count among all visits.
  • All clones will also be analyzed for each visit to find a difference in the nucleotide sequence.

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