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Current Research Lab Group Members

Student Researchers

1. Priya Muralidharan, B.S. Pharm, M.S.(New Jersey Institute of Technology-Pharmaceutical Engineering), Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutics) Graduate Student Research Assistant & Lab Manager.

2. Maria Acosta, B.S. Bio-Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutics) Graduate Student Research CONACyT (National Council of Science and Technology) Fellow.

3. Monica Malapit, Pharm.D. Researcher.

4. Evan Mallory, Pharm.D. Researcher.

5. Daniel Lok, Pharm.D. Researcher.

6. Rebecca Park, Pharm.D. Researcher.

7. Jennifer Patel, Molecular Cellular Biology Researcher.

8. Alexan Issac Gomez, Biomedical Engineer UROC Fellow & WAESO NSF Fellow.

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