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20.380 HIV Project

HIV/AIDs-related News

STS COLLOQUIUM -- AIDS and its Futures: Drugs, Clinical Trials, and US Foreign Policy to Nigeria

AIDS Study Focuses on 'Elite Controllers'

Team Members

Person Specialty Kerberos
Yi WangClinical Description of Disease/Current Treatmentseeex101
Rob WardenDesignrw27
Matt GethersDesignmgethers
Stephanie NixModeling of Disease/Treatmentsnix
Courtney LaneIn Vitro Studiescelane
Jessie WangIn Vivo Studiesjwang87
David YingIP and Company Conceptdying

Road Map

Date Goal Point People
Feb 19 (Thu)BackgroundEveryone
Feb 26 (Thu)Initial design ideaMatt and Rob
March 5 (Thu)Firm up design idea, Outline necessary modelingMatt, Rob, and Stephanine
March 12 (Thu)Experimentation and business planCourtney, Jessie, and David
March 13th (Fri)Technical details fixedEveryone
March 17th (Fri)Mid-Term
March 23rd - 27th (Spring Break) Prepare design pitch presentationMatt and Rob
March 31/April 2 (Tue/Thu) Give pitch Everyone?
April 16 (Thu) Incorporate suggestions from design pitch into planEveryone
April 23 (Thu) First draft of technical paper dueEveryone
April 23-30 Work on final presentationEveryone
May 7 (Thu) Final paper dueEveryone
May 13 (Wed) Give final presentation at SimmonsEveryone

Documents, Presentations, and Meeting Notes

Bi-weekly reports

Design Pitch

Meeting Notes

Technical Paper

Final Presentation

Breakdown of Responsibilities

Clinical Description of Disease/Current Treatments

Design Ideas

Modeling of Disease/Treatment

In Vitro Studies

In Vivo Studies

IP and Company Concept

Potentially Useful Resources


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