Matt Gethers/CRI, Thailand/Labwork/PCRs/Screening for Presence and Directionality of HmgR Downstream Fragment in pUC18/7.24.08 Gel Results

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7.24.08 Colony PCR Results

Lane 1 Lanes 2-6 Lane 7 Lane 8-9 Lane 10 Lane 11-18
5 μl λ ladder5 μl pKn004.L3 transformant colony PCRs 1-55 μl pKn004.L3 transformant colony PCR 65 μl pKn004.L3 transformant colony PCRs 7-8Space5 μl pKn004.L4 transformant colony PCRs 1-8

100 volts, 30 minutes, 1% Agarose gel. 5 μl of product in each lane. Stained for 15 minutes. Everything except lane 7 (corresponding to colony 6 of the pKn004.L3 transformation) yielded a product at what I think is ~500 bp. Colony 6 is at what I think to be slightly above the ~1500 band, where I expect it assuming a proper integration.

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