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Bill Flanagan:

1. Please let me know what the number is you're comparing the output from OWW to. I'll try to reproduce and locate where the discrepancy may be coming from.

  • Austin Che 22:09, 11 August 2007 (EDT): the site_stats table is not updated by the UMS. Normal user addition will update this table.

2. I can leave the approved/denied records in the UMS database. I'll record the OWW UserID of the person who processed the request as well as the time/date of the activity.

3. As we discussed, placing discussions about the approvals and denials in the OWW wiki itself presents some problems. Having a private wiki to handle such requests may sound like overkill but it is possible. I don't suggest building a mutliuser system with interactive discussions when this is exactly what MediaWiki already provides.

4. I'll look into Ilya's page regarding UMS.

5. I've introduced a call into the new system that can get the current status and information about a proposed username. This can be incorporated into the UI. I have not done so yet but would like suggestions.

6. I can add a call to do check for to see if an email address is in use.

7. I can add a call to do check for to see if an first/last is in use.

8. Confirming an email address before an admin sees a request may be tricky. I'll investigate this further.

9. Editing of a person's name will be possible.

10. When a username is not approved, we need to have something to do with it. Currently, the name is taken out of use, regardless of disposition. Please think about what to do with these requests.

  • Austin Che 22:09, 11 August 2007 (EDT): There's no reason to check 'taken' usernames from the ums table. If you just make it possible to have duplicates in the ums table, and just check for uniqueness against the mediawiki table, everything should work fine.
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