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Adding your institution to the map

Any institution with one or more labs on OpenWetWare can be added to the map. Please just add yourself.

Fixing errors

If you find that your institution's name or location is incorrect on the map, either edit the wiki page and fix it yourself or please leave a note here.

If your location is incorrect, please provide the name of the institution and the correct latitude and longitude coordinates. You can find these by searching your institution on Google maps, clicking link to this page and extracting the latitude and longitude coordinates from the URL.

For instance, here is the URL for the address 77 Massachusetts Ave 02139 in Google maps.,-71.089911&sspn=0.008657,0.020514&layer=&ie=UTF8&z=16&ll=42.359004,-71.093559&spn=0.008657,0.020514&om=1&iwloc=addr

so the latitude and longitude are


Making your own map

You can make your own map on OWW just by copying the code and modifying parameters. See the Google Maps extension for details.

To do

  1. Get a better marker icon.
  2. Make the call boxes for each institution more interesting. Add lab links, pictures, institutional logo's.
  3. Make separate lab, institution and user maps?


Vincent 16:05, 19 April 2007 (EDT): That's really cool !!!




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 <facet facetClass="TextSearch" />
 <facet expression=".institution" />
 <view viewClass="Map" 
       center="40, 0"
 <view viewClass="Tabular"
       columns=".label, .institution"


Lab Institution LatLng
Knight MIT 42.36053792387064, -71.09007145677018
Endy MIT 42.36053792387064, -71.09007145677018
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