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Group Meeting Schedule

Look who's talking... (future dates are approximate, except those in bold)

  • standard sequence: Johan Paulsson, Andy, Burak, Shlomi, Emanuele, Ghee Chuan, Yoon, Rishi, Laurent, Charles, Scott, Somenath, Haytham, Ruoshi, Silvia


Vacation Calendar

Other meetings/seminars

Theory Lunch
HMS Microbiology Seminars
idb nanocourses

Date Speaker(s) Cook
Jan 14 Scott Somenath
Jan 21 Haytham Ruoshi
Jan 28 Cancelled
Feb 4 Shlomi Haytham
Feb 11 Laurent Shlomi
Feb 18 Johan Silvia (swapped with Laurent)
Feb 25 Silvia (end of rotation) Johan
Mar 4 Andy Laurent
Mar 11 Burak Andy
Mar 18 Emanuele Burak
Mar 25 Ghee Chuan Emanuele
Apr 1 Yoon Ghee Chuan
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