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Postdocs - The Payne Lab currently has two open postdoc positions. One position is for the study of nanoparticle-cell interactions using advanced fluorescence microscopy methods. Previous work in microscopy or spectroscopy is required. Familiarity with MatLab is preferred. The second position is for the study of conducting polymer-cell interactions including the biomolecular synthesis of conducting polymers. Experience in polymers or materials is required. Both positions require a PhD in Chemistry (physical, analytical, or polymers/materials), Physics (biophysics or condensed matter), or Bioengineering. Please send a CV and a list of 3 references to Prof. Payne.

Graduate students - The Payne Lab is accepting graduate students in Fall 2014. Students must be admitted through the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry or Bioengineering. The Payne Lab is highly interdisciplinary and students in any subdiscipline are encouraged to contact Prof. Payne.

Undergraduates - Undergraduate in any major are welcome to apply for an undergrad research position. Please email Prof. Payne to set up a meeting.

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