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A rough price comparison (w/o VAT) put together in 2014 from a European perspective although many companies are international. Prices will vary with time, your location, and lab specific discounts. Nevertheless, it's worthwhile to compare since some companies, esp. Life Technologies, now Thermo Fisher, will try to overcharge you on reagents whose price is not justified by biochemical differences. Feel free to add products and update prices.


Taq polymerase

dNTP mixes

DNA ladders

  • Bioron €27 50µg 304005
  • NEB €36 (€180 5x50µg) SM0322
  • Roth €115 (€46 20µg) T833.1

Note on brand/company overlap

  • Bioron - PCR products, German
  • Enzo - detection, NY USA
  • Life Technologies - brand owned by Thermo Fisher
  • NEB - enzymes, MA USA
  • Promega - mol bio, WI USA
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