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Recent Updates

  • 1/2015: Wei's Blood paper came out, and it came out with a commentary!
  • 12/2014: Ken started his lab rotation in the lab. Welcome, Ken!
  • 11/2014: Wei's paper was just accepted by Blood! This is very much a group effort. Thanks everyone!
  • 10/2014: Wei and Sungyun's paper on ADAM10 cytoplasmic domain was just accepted by PNAS!
  • 2/2014: Peng joins the lab as a visiting student. Welcome, Peng!
  • 10/2013: 3 papers in one month! Xin, Alex and Liang each has published a first-author paper in J. Thromb. Haemost.
  • 8/2013: To send Alex off to graduate school, the lab went to the Buford Dam Park for a BBQ picnic!
  • 7/2013: Lydia started her summer lab rotation in the lab. Welcome, Lydia!
  • 6/2013: Wei's 2nd paper in 2013, which demonstrates a sequential binding mechanism of moesin and calmodulin to L-selectin in membranes, was just accepted by J. Mol. Biol. Sungyun was the second author on the paper! Congrats, Wei and Sungyun!
  • 6/2013: Anum joins the lab as a research specialist. Welcome, Anum!
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