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This is the page for lab news

→ Apr 3, 2015: Congratulations to Dawson who this week found out she was awarded the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Fellowship!

→ March 23, 2015: Congratulations to Kristine and Darya, who have been accepted to the 2-week International Arctic Research Center 2015 Summer School, on Arctic in a warming climate: Connection to vegetation, permafrost and hydrology, at the University of Alaska Fairbanks!

→ March 18, 2015: Congratulations to Sarah Rose Vining, who was nominated for Honors College Outstanding Sophomore of the Year!

→ February 22, 2015: Congratulations to Sarah Rose Vining, who received a UA BRAVO! Award to do international research this summer at our Arctic field site in northern Sweden!

→ December, 2014: Congratulations to the entire lab, for pursuing funding to attend the American Geophysical Union 2014 General Assembly in San Francisco - cumulatively, you were awarded >$7,000 from a wide variety of sources, which meant that we could afford to send everyone who wanted to go. HUZZAH! You guys rock - I am so impressed and proud!!!!

→ Oct 23, 2014: Carrie McCalley's Nature paper came out today on the microbe-biogeochemistry connection, and CH4 isotope characteristics, at our permafrost site! Here is a link to the paper and a link to the press release

→ Apr 17, 2014: a big congrats to Vytas for winning a poster award at SWESx!! And also to Gary who won one, but was disqualified since he was an organizer!! Great work guys!!!!

→ Apr 16, 2014: Congratulations to Dawson who this week, thanks to her own efforts as well as some amazing guidance and effort by Kathleen Landeen (SWES Grad Advisor), has been awarded *two* fellowships!!!

She has received an Alfred P Sloan Foundation / University of Arizona Indigenous Graduate Partnership Ph.D. award, as well as a UA Graduate Access Fellowship.

→ Apr 7, 2014: Suzanne's PNAS paper is online! PNAS link

→ Mar 31, 2014: A big congratulations today to Dawson, who just found out she got into the Colorado State Summer Soil Institute, hurray!

And to Darya, who just found out that she will receive funding from the BRAVO! program to do field work in Abisko all summer!

→ Mar 25, 2014: Maya C-K. has also received an Honors College Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship to work in the lab this summer! Her project is still a bit TDB so stay tuned for what exciting science she'll be doing with us :-)

→ Mar 22, 2014: Congrats to Gary, he just found out he was accepted into the competitive Geobiology summer course!!

→ Mar 20, 2014 big congratulations to Krystalle, who just found out she received the Honors College Summer Undergrad Research Fellowship to continue her proteomics analysis work in our lab through the summer! This time round, with a French accent (she's on study abroad in France this semester) & the secrets of how to make chocolate beignets!

→ Feb 24, 2014: Congratulations to Moira for her acceptance into this summer's Utah Stable Isotope Course

→ Feb 14, 2014: The RC-II paper is out, hurray: here

→ Dec 13, 2013: A big congratulations to Lynn for winning the Institute of the Environment Graduate Student Travel Award!

→Dec 2, 2013: The nationally-recognized SkySchool program that Moira is involved in was written up in today's UANews, with quotes from Moira! "A School in the Sky"

→ Nov 17, 2013: Lynn received a GPSC travel fellowship!!! Hurray Lynn!! This will help offset the cost of her mostly self-funded attendance of the ASLO/AGU/TOS meeting in Hawaii in February!

Also the Woodcroft et al "RC-II" paper has now been accepted to Nature Communications!!

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