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  • dx/dt = production rate - degradation rate
    • degradation rate: amount a fraction of material beaks down in each unit time period
    • production rate:
      • model factors: liner, MM, sigmoid (smoothing out of on-off switch)
      • S'(x) = 1/ (1+e-x)
        • S(w(x-t))where w=scaling,t=threshold at on-off junction

Matrix Games

  • Recall our adjacency matrix A (transpose of YEASTRACT)
    • 1 if gene j affects gene i
    • 0 if not
  • there are scaling factors of weights and thresholds
    • affectee receives switching sights from affectors

Difference between "1" and "1"

  • if more turns on and less "turns off"...activation
  • more turns off and less "turns on"...activation
  • switch between by flipping sign on scalar
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