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We are in the departments of Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. Our research has two broad thrusts: producing hydrogen sustainably with biology, and developing virus-like particle technology for medical applications.

Our lab has extensive expertise in several technologies that enable these projects: metabolic engineering, cell-free protein synthesis, bioconjugations, and protein evolution. We also do more fundamental research to improve and expand the scope of these technologies.


  • Biohydrogen from engineered cyanobacteria
  • Biohydrogen from cellulosic biomass through engineered cell free extracts
  • Engineering and Maturation of [FeFe] Hydrogenase from Clostridium Pasteuriamum

Virus Like Particles

  • VLPs as vaccine scaffolds
  • VLPs for use as a drug delivery vehicle (including screening capabilities)
  • VLPs for use in medical imaging/diagnostics

Past research projects:

  • Protein Engineering (EGFR evolution)
  • Improving cell-free protein synthesis through emulsions
  • Non-natural amino acid incorporation


Cell-free protein synthesis is a group in Biological Sciences on Mendeley.

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