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Valerie, do you have access to scopus? It has the ability to search in all cited reference fields at once, via [all]


It makes me wonder if this would change your results very much, because not selective about the citation field?

It would certainly make running some of your queries faster, not to have to do each field separately?

Article framing

Valerie, I'm thinking. You may be thinking the same thing. A ORNL DAAC case study could be a useful frame for your article, perhaps?

It provides great motivation: The repository wants to know how its data is reused, for funding? (we could ask) and so they can link to reuses on their website. A librarian searches for reuses every year. They have a best practice policy suggesting data be cited through DOIs (since late 2008 I think based on Yet it is very hard to find the reuses using DOIs. This is probably in part because it hasn't been very long since the DOIs were put in place, but it still makes a good point.

It makes me wonder: a) how does the librarian do the search? b) how long does it take him/her? c) how confident is she that she found everything? d) If you were to look at the full text of what she found, how many use the dois? what are the other citation patterns used? ie the patterns of citation behaviour, repository based.

Then you could flush this out with your experiences searching for DAAC data, your experience with the other repositories + maybe GEO's reuses page.

Anyway, just brainstorming for now, interested in your thoughts.

If this were a productive approach, do you have a sense for how many of the "list of pubs that cite ORNL DAAC data for 2009 & 2010" articles in Bob Cook's spreadsheet you can access via full-text from your library? Or would we need to ask him to post the full text of the articles / FedEx a CD / whatever is easiest for him?

We could have started here based on Bob's email from last month, but so help me I thought the citation formats would be more standard and we'd have more success than we did in finding datasets with creative searches!

  • Heather A Piwowar 12:29, 13 July 2010 (EDT): Valerie, I'm catching up. I see you've done lots of the extraction for the DAAC-provided reuse hits in your "Shared Fields-Valerie" spreadsheet already. Awesome. So clearly you can get full-text for most of them :) Let's talk in our chat about whether you think finishing the rest of the extraction on this set is worthwhile and where it can go...
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