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"E.coli Time Manager" from CHIBA team is delayed switch system by using AHL concentration. Futher application of this system is now under planning as follows.
1. "security-preset message manager"
When we compose a set of delay switch with different timing, the time-sequencial gene expression takes place automatically. This system is utilized for time-sequential appearance and erasure of message written by E. coli ink, like GFP.

It is very useful for security-certified message document.

2. "Expiration date messanger"
Food is getting worse when it is contaminated by bacteria. The bacteria activity is influenced by temperature. When our time manager package is located near the food, the manager can tell us the GFP expression by the accumulation of AHL produced by senders which experience with the food-cultured bacterium.
This is a novel expiration date messenger!
Not only the temperature, but also other input stimuli can be involved to our bacteria system for constucting the accumulation messenger.

3. "Sequencial timer"
When we use the delayed switch with different timing, we can preset the sequence of the switchrs. It will be "Automation of bacteria factory"!

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