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So when I try to view the Community Portal in my browser (Firefox) the link lines for the Active Discussion pages are cutting through the text beneath the link (e.g. for the Organizing Discussions link the line cuts through "How can we best organize...") Can this be fixed by changing the template? --Meaganl 12:47, 13 March 2006 (EST)

  • BC:Thanks for pointing this out Meagan, apparently this has been a problem on the PC version of Firefox since before the template. Not sure yet how to fix it. Will keep trying.
  • Austin 13:21, 13 March 2006 (EST): I had no idea what this line was that Meagan was talking about. Then I remembered that I never underline links in my prefs and I guess some people prefer the underline (personally it looks ugly to me). But I have another problem with this template (and the rest of the community portal also). The font color is forced to be black so I have no way of telling what's a link and what isn't unless I move my mouse around. Unless there's a good reason otherwise, I don't see the purpose of forcing the link text black.
  • BC 14:06, 13 March 2006 (EST):All links are now colored as per your browser preferences. I agree with doing this for the secondary reason that it lessens the amount of wikitext.
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