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  • Complete the procedure as outlined by Dr.Hartings here.
  • Observe activity of pepsin and pepstatin in samples of hemoglobin.
  • Observe activity using UV-Vis after certain intervals of time.
  • At each measured interval take a sample of solution and stop the reaction to observe using SDS-PAGE.


  • Note that the hemoglobin had a concentration of 2nm in the pepsin solution.
  • Note that the hemoglobin had a concentration of 20nm in the pepstatin solution.


  • This graph represents the absorbance spectra of each hemoglobin and pepsin or hemoglobin and pepstatin solution at each time interval.
  • It is worth noting that it is believed that the pepsin used wasn't active. This is because their wasn't a drastic difference between samples including pepsin and pepstatin.


  • Note that all of the samples were normalized by subtracting the signal of the buffer. Also the signals can be compared to the hemoglobin standard.
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