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One day later

I cannot believe it but there was motility one day after fixing the slide.

Side note

I also want to say that I made a switch for the camera. Now I don't have to unplug it every time I am done using it. It makes my life just that much easier.


So I did an experiment where I didn't add any antifade to the sauce. As you can see, there is no motility going on. I may have not put ATP in the mix so I will have to check that later. What is beyond kick ass awesome is that MT are stabilized in osmotic stress. There is no destruction of the MTs, just fading.

ATP check

So from the results above, I wanted to do another slide in which I made sure that I put ATP in the sauce. As you can see, there is still no motility and the fading is the same as the movie above. I'm super curious now to see if motility is added by the AF.

With AF and ATP

Okay. I have just been blown out of the water here. I cannot believe what I am seeing! I have motility with the AF! But, there was none without it.

Oh man. What does this mean? So super cool.

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