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The last couple of movies I had made are kinda boring, so I wanted to spruce them up a little bit. I wanted to add some transitions that clearly showed I was switching between different environments. I also wanted to be able to highlight certain areas of each scene. My original concept was to show each environment separately and then do a side-by-side comparison of them all together. Something like a 2x2 grid with each environment in a different square. I didn't know how to do that and I ran out of time so what you see above is all I got.

Some things I need to improve upon:

  • In the first real scene, I only highlight one tether. In actuality there are 3 tethers right there and 2 actually are in the circle. I could have done a better job enclosing them all. I also should have highlighted more on the page.
  • In scene 2, I didn't highlight anything. I should have circled the one tether in the scene and added a little more description about what people should be seeing.
  • I also should have a better transition between scene 2 and 3. It looks too much like the 1st transition, and I want it to be different to better demonstrate another different environment.
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