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Magnetic Needle Modeling

I'm hoping to create a model of either a needle or a wire today that will show what will occur if I place a magnetized piece of metal into a flow cell, or tube of ferritin solution. Hopefully next week I will be able to put a magnetized needle or wire into flow cell and see if I can attract ferritin to it. If I can, this might be a complete step up from mounting a gigantic magnetic yoke onto the microscope stage, and will give me finer control over the ferritin. I also want to see if anyone has any neodymium magnets that are in this size range.

Useful links or notes for today:

MagnetBr (T)Hci (kA/m)(BH)max (kJ/m3)Tc (°C)
Nd2Fe14B (sintered)1.0–1.4750–2000200–440310–400
Nd2Fe14B (bonded)0.6–0.7600–120060–100310–400
SmCo5 (sintered)0.8–1.1600–2000120–200720
Sm(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)7 (sintered)0.9–1.15450–1300150–240800
Alnico (sintered)0.6–1.427510–88700–860
Sr-ferrite (sintered)0.2–0.4100–30010–40450

Here is the link for the page I took this from. I managed to create the models, and I will analyze them on Monday.

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