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CSGF Survey

  • Wrote survey. Getting feedback and will send out this week.

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Wiki Tricks

Exploring use of mvs to download and upload entries from openwetware. The mediawiki client is easy to install as described in the link. Doesn't seem to have a tool to grab everything in my Notebook namespace, but with a little bash script I can grab all the entries in a particular notebook:

#! /bin/bash
mvs login -d -u Carl_Boettiger -w index.php
for j in `seq 3 5`;
	for i in `seq 1 9`; 
		mvs update User\:Carl_Boettiger/Notebook/Comparative_Phylogenetics/2010/0$j/0$ 
	for i in `seq 10 31`; 
		mvs update User\:Carl_Boettiger/Notebook/Comparative_Phylogenetics/2010/0$j/$ 
  • login should specify -p password (omitted here for obvious reasons)
  • For some reason can't get commit to push changes back up. (See the link above for examples on how to commit data).


 Doing commit with host: and lang: en
 Can't call method "isa" without a package or object reference at /usr/bin/mvs line 96.

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